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Postcards From The Moon is a sad pop-punk band from San Antonio, TX. The band released a new EP Me Without You in April, and you can watch the brand video for Eighteen below. They are perfect for fans of bands like Jack’s Mannequin and The Starting Line.

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If you’re stuck in your room studying for exams this weekend, “Wish You The Best” from Postcards From The Moon is the perfect track to take a break to and clear your mind. The piano-driven song will surely break your heart as the vocalist sings of a failed friendship. The track is featured on their new EP, Me WIthout You, which can be streamed here.


Postcards from the Moon are releasing their Sophomore EP Me Without You, on April 5th. After giving the five song EP a few spins, it’s safe to say this is a breakup album.

The San Antonio five piece start the EP with “Just Make Sure You’re Happy,” a pop, almost… country melody, with boy band-like vocals from Caleb Rangel and violin (Rolando Valentin) standing out in the instrumentals.

“Just Make Sure You’re Happy” questions the validity of the love and hopes those we lose find the love they deserve. Me Without You is listed as pop punk but the album feels far more pop. A lovesick EP with piano and violin and a little edge, this album could have massive success in the pop markets.

“Wish You the Best” has an melodic piano intro that is beautiful and the music pairs well with the vocals.  “Eighteen” is a sweet and mellow love song that closes out the EP of callow love lost.

Postcards from the Moon has described the EP as “a reflection and acceptance of things we cannot change.” Overall, Me Without You might just be the album that pulls you through your next breakup with the knowledge that you’re not the only one out there going through the heartache, trying to cope and move on. 

By Jessi McKee


Violin-driven pop punk quintet Postcards From The Moon are gearing up for the release of their new record “Me Without You” on April 5th. But in the meantime, you can watch a music video for the first single “Just Make Sure You’re Happy” below.

Just Make Sure You’re Happy” is the ultimate tone-setter for the new EP, with a sincere melody written about a failed relationship. And just hoping the other person finds happiness.

The song is about a girl I was with in high school,” says vocalist Caleb Rangel. “I came to the realization that she’ll never be with me again. So I wanted to send a message saying that whoever she does end up with, better make her super happy. That’s all I ask for.

By Valentine Klipfel





So claims this Texas pop-punk group who adds a depth to their music that isn’t often found. With that signature whiny punk vocal mixed with the melodic instrumentation akin to some of the best bands in the genre, with a somber violin sprinkled in, Postcards From The Moon has filled a gap that pop-punk has been sorely missing.


With their second EP set to be released April 5th, titled ‘Me Without You’, the quintet is ready to send your emo nostalgia into overdrive. The band recently revealed a music video in promotion of their lead single ‘Just Make Sure You’re Happy’. 

Vocalist Caleb Rangel says on the single, courtesy of High Road Publicity, “The song is about a girl I was with in high school,” says vocalist Caleb Rangel. “I came to the realization that she’ll never be with me again, so I wanted to send a message saying that whoever she does end up with, better make her super happy. That’s all I ask for.”

The EP was produced by Kevin W. Gates, known from working with such names as Never Shout Never, Stephen Jerzak, and The Ready Set. 

By Kevin Flinn

Postcards From The Moon - Sound In The Signals Interview

I recently had the chance to interview Postcards From The Moon. Check out the full interview below.

First off, thanks for the interview.   
You’re welcome :) thank you for having us

Can you tell us how you got together and formed the band for anyone who is not familiar with the band?   
It started off with the singer (Caleb Rangel) starting an acoustic project, and meeting everyone else at random times, (shows, friends of friends, Facebook) we just clicked.

You have a new EP coming out titled 'Me Without You". What was the recording process like for it and how long did you work on it?  
The recording process was smooth, Kevin gates is an amazing producer and he made the process fun and professional . We started recording March of 2018 and finished August of 2018. It’s been a long process but every step of the way was fun :)

Your band puts a big emphasis on the violin. The biggest pop/punk band to do that was Yellowcard. Is that a band you were influenced by at all and/or how did it work out that the violin plays such a large part in your band?  
Actually Yellowcard never crossed my mind when we decided to incorporate Violin in our songs. 
So our violinist was in another band (he played bass) and he had separated from the band and was looking for a band to join. I saw that he had put violin in his “resume” and wanted to bring him in for some background tracks. Well, we fell in love and asked him to be full time, he plays both Violin and Guitar in the band.

You released a new video for "Just Make Sure You're Happy". What was the video shoot like and how did you come up with the vision for it?  
The recording process for this video was a pretty easy one. Timekeeper media works really good and is great at what he does. I came to him with this vision of Myself (Caleb) walking around leaving notes for this girl that used to be mine, who is with an mean boyfriend. This is something I would’ve done in real life, so it felt natural. 

What was the songwriting process like in particular for "Just Make Sure You're Happy" and why did you choose it as a single?   
Song writing for this song was quick. I have never written a song unless I was feeling some type of way, and this was on my mind. Every word I wanted to say to her I wrote down. I chose it as a single cause it sets the mood for the rest of the songs, this song is the reason for all the other ones. It made sense to me.

You have a video covering Real Friend's "From The Outside". What inspired you to cover it?   
This was done last minute, we wanted to release something fun for our fans while they waited patiently for our new music to be released :)

I guess that wraps it up; do you have anything else you would like to add?  
Thank you for your time, we really appreciate it. We’d like to say that we Love every single person who has helped with creating this EP, all our fans , friends , & family who support us in this journey. It only goes up from here and we can’t wait to show you what we got :)

Rise Rock n’ Shine: Postcards From The Moon

Who: Postcards From The Moon is gearing up to release a new album this April + we have every reason to believe it’s gonna be an instant favorite.

What: Acoustic guitar, violin, sweet vocals, and heartfelt lyrics. Postcards From The Moon have the magic formula for snatchin’ your heart.

Why: “Just Make Sure You’re Happy” reminds us why we fell in love with pop punk in the first place + we’re digging the straight up nostalgia in their sound.

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Find Postcards From The Moon on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

“The song is about a girl I was with in high school… I came to the realization that she’ll never be with me again, so I wanted to send a message saying that whoever she does end up with better make her super happy. That’s all I ask for.” – Caleb Rangel, vocalist for Postcards From The Moon


Album Review: Postcards From The Moon’s “Me Without You” EP

San Antonio pop punk group, Postcards From The Moon, is set to release their second EP titled “Me Without You” on April 5th, 2019. I got a chance to listen to it ahead of time and I can tell you know you’re in for a real treat. Blending sounds of  bands like Rocket To The Moon, Yellowcard and a hint of Never Shout Never, you’re instantly hit with nostalgic feels from the MySpace music era. PFTM is that classic sound we all know and love with a fresh feel in the modern world. The lead single “Just Make Sure You’re Happy” had me instantly hooked with a really neat intro and a super catchy chorus. As I continued on through the EP, it began to feel stagnant. Musically, the album is awesome. It features lots of fun melodies and nice little guitar solo. Vocalist, Caleb’s voice also feels and fits really well with the bands sound.  I also feel producer Kevin Gates (Never Shout Never, The Ready Set, Stephen Jerzak) was the perfect person to help craft this album and help achieve that nostalgic feel. My only real issue is that lyrically it begins to feel stale. I understand the bands brand is sad boy/pop punk and I’m 1000% behind that. It just seems a little repetitive to me when every song talks about reminiscing on a passed love and still missing them. Overall the album sounds really great and I highly recommend checking it out upon release.  I think this band has lots of potential and I am very excited to see what Postcards From The Moon has in store for the future!

Be sure to check out “Me Without You” by Postcards From The Moon coming April 5th to online music stores!



Violin-driven pop punk quintet Postcards From The Moon are gearing up for the release of their new record Me Without You on April 5th. To get fans in the mood for the new tunes, the band has put out a a music video for the album’s first single “Just Make Sure You’re Happy”.

You can check it out below.

Me Without You is the first new music from Postcards from the Moon since their 2017 full-length, Everything Cliché.

by rick delaney


I recently heard of Postcards from the Moon and my life has now been changed.  First off the name is legit and I hope they have postcards with a picture of the moon at their merch table (If not you’re welcome for the idea.  Send me one.).  I met their bassist Gilbert at a show in Buffalo and if the rest of the guys in this group are just like he is, a whole lot of cool is coming out of San Antonio, TX.  The guys just dropped a new single of their upcoming EP “Me Without You” which is set for release on April 5th.  The single which is titled “Just Make Sure You’re Happy” takes me back to 2007 when I listened to Mayday Parade and Yellowcard.  Between the vocals and violin I could listen to this song over and over, and to be honest I have.  Since the release, it has been picked up by many outlets and was even featured by Alternative Press.  

When asked about the band and their upcoming album Gilbert said “The band has been through some rough times, but this past year since March of 2018 has been nothing but hard work and dedication . I’m proud of this final product and I can’t wait for everyone to hear our stories.”  

I can’t speak for everyone else but I know that I am anxiously awaiting the release of the sophomore EP from this group.  Check out the video below and drop a comment on this post to let me know what you think of it!  Also make sure to head over to their facebook page and give it a like to stay up to date with what they have going on!



For a little heartbreak on your Saturday, Postcards From The Moon dropped a new single, “Just Make Sure You’re Happy.” This slow jam will have you reminiscing of your high school sweetheart while admiring some beautiful violin strings. The band’s new album, Me Without You, drops April 5.

By Collin Goeman 

PREMIERE: Postcards From the Moon toggle heartbreak in “Just Make Sure You’re Happy”

Fans of Yellowcard, rejoice! Postcards From the Moon have officially released a new single that will throw you back in time. This nostalgic pop-punk gem sounds like if Mayday Parade had a violin, and it rules. The track is titled “Just Make Sure You’re Happy” and comes straight from the band’s new EP, Me Without You, set to arrive later this year.

“Just Make Sure You’re Happy” is a catchy track about a failed relationship, just hoping the other person finds happiness. You’re bound to be addicted to this song. And the music video (seen below), directed by Timekeeper Media, fits the new song perfectly. Check out the new track above and let us know your thoughts on it.

Who knows? They might become your new favorite band.

By Brad LaPlante