Album Review: Postcards From The Moon’s “Me Without You” EP

San Antonio pop punk group, Postcards From The Moon, is set to release their second EP titled “Me Without You” on April 5th, 2019. I got a chance to listen to it ahead of time and I can tell you know you’re in for a real treat. Blending sounds of  bands like Rocket To The Moon, Yellowcard and a hint of Never Shout Never, you’re instantly hit with nostalgic feels from the MySpace music era. PFTM is that classic sound we all know and love with a fresh feel in the modern world. The lead single “Just Make Sure You’re Happy” had me instantly hooked with a really neat intro and a super catchy chorus. As I continued on through the EP, it began to feel stagnant. Musically, the album is awesome. It features lots of fun melodies and nice little guitar solo. Vocalist, Caleb’s voice also feels and fits really well with the bands sound.  I also feel producer Kevin Gates (Never Shout Never, The Ready Set, Stephen Jerzak) was the perfect person to help craft this album and help achieve that nostalgic feel. My only real issue is that lyrically it begins to feel stale. I understand the bands brand is sad boy/pop punk and I’m 1000% behind that. It just seems a little repetitive to me when every song talks about reminiscing on a passed love and still missing them. Overall the album sounds really great and I highly recommend checking it out upon release.  I think this band has lots of potential and I am very excited to see what Postcards From The Moon has in store for the future!

Be sure to check out “Me Without You” by Postcards From The Moon coming April 5th to online music stores!