Rise Rock n’ Shine: Postcards From The Moon

Who: Postcards From The Moon is gearing up to release a new album this April + we have every reason to believe it’s gonna be an instant favorite.

What: Acoustic guitar, violin, sweet vocals, and heartfelt lyrics. Postcards From The Moon have the magic formula for snatchin’ your heart.

Why: “Just Make Sure You’re Happy” reminds us why we fell in love with pop punk in the first place + we’re digging the straight up nostalgia in their sound.

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“The song is about a girl I was with in high school… I came to the realization that she’ll never be with me again, so I wanted to send a message saying that whoever she does end up with better make her super happy. That’s all I ask for.” – Caleb Rangel, vocalist for Postcards From The Moon